Many businesses seeking legal help have tried large firms and found them to be under responsive and overly expensive. There may be a perceived emphasis on billing and less attention paid to results. For these reasons, small firms in general offer advantages to the goal-oriented and cost-conscious client. As with any service industry, the person providing the service is key; a particular firm is chosen for the particular person whose expertise and/or experience is appropriate but also for the chemistry between the client and attorney.

DEMBO, BROWN & BURNS is a small firm. We are not, nor do we intend to be, all things to all clients. Instead, we concentrate and excel in those areas we know and can do best. It is our topmost priority to service our clients by providing quality legal assistance in an efficient and goal-oriented manner. We endeavor to communicate often and effectively with our clients and ensure that our clients know the options available to them at every step in the legal process, be it litigation and/or transaction related.